Our Work on the 2020 Election

For the 2020 Presidential Election, we worked with APIAVote.org on a digital campaign to Get Out The Vote!
Despite being the fastest-growing ethnic or racial group in the US, Asian Americans have historically been ignored by candidates and have lacked information about the voting process, resulting in lower voter turnouts.
This campaign included important messages from prominent Asian Americans on the importance of voting and how to do it safely and effectively during a COVID-challenged election.
Our Impact on the 2020 Presidential Elections
For this effort, we teamed up with APIAVote, to mobilize AAPIs in electoral and civic participation. In the 2020 election, APIAVote launched the Get Out The Vote! digital media campaign in the month leading up to the election across various social media platforms, focusing on five key swing states where Asian-American voters were of sufficient size to make a difference—MI, NC, PA, TX, and WI. Our contributions funded the efforts in Pennsylvania while other partners helped with the campaigns in the other states.
We were thrilled with the results achieved by APIAVote and are delighted to have been a part of this effort. Across the country, the campaign reached over three million AAPI voters and served them with over 24 million digital impressions, resulting in over 3.8 million completed video views, and 10,516 clicks to obtain voting information from APIAVote’s website.
Once the results started coming in, it was clear AAPI voters made a difference in this election cycle, especially in the key battleground states. Overall, AAPI voters turned out in record numbers this year. According to TargetSmart, a political data firm, 19% more AAPI voters cast an early ballot in battleground states than voted in total in the 2016 election. The only other group to see their early vote exceed their 2016 total turnout was Latino voters, albeit by a narrower margin. In Georgia, AAPI voters exceeded their total 2016 turnout by 57%; 61,829 who voted in 2020 didn’t vote in 2016; and almost 30,500 voted for the first time in their lives. In Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina, AAPI early voters exceeded their total 2016 turnout by 53%, 43%, and 32%, respectively.
Influencer videos from 2020 Election
These videos were produced and distributed via social media.
First-time voters, Jeremy Lin and Ryan Higa, share their plans for voting in #Election2020

If you need instructions on how to vote in your state, go to apiavote.org.

Hudson Yang​ and his friends imploring the Asian American community to vote

Asian Americans represent 11MM votes in the U.S. Get out and vote. Thanks Hudson Yang, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, Ian Chen​, Miya Cech​, Ella Jay Basco, and Emerson Min.

Asian American Low Voter Turnout

The esteemed Connie Chung explains the power of the Asian American voter. We can "make the difference in who wins."

Ally Maki - Plan to Vote

Ally Maki urges everyone to make a plan to vote. #Election2020 #AAPI2020 #AAPIVotesCount

Are You Voting in #Election2020?

Tou Ger Xiong & Doua Moua give their reasons on why they're voting this year.

Your Voice. Your Vote with Parvesh Cheena, Danny Pudi, and Sonal Shah

Make A Plan. When? Now. Who? You! @Parvesh @DannyPudi @SonalBShah speak on the 3 ways you can get #VoteReady during this election season.

Bradley Cooper on How to Vote in Pennsylania (translated into Chinese)

Live in Pennsylvania? Let PA native Bradley Cooper break down the do's and don'ts of voting for you. (video credit: NowThis)

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