LAAUNCH is a non-profit organization working to end racism against and increase representation for the Asian American community. We work in solidarity with Black and other communities of color. We hope you amplify these resources and that they are helpful in unlearning racism and harmful practices against the Asian American community.

Please share this guide widely with your family, friends, and colleagues. Let's build a better future for all.

How to Combat anti-Asian Racism

1. Look out for one another. 

2. Protect all members of our community, especially our elders. Get rid of the niceties. Speak up and speak out.

3. Recognize the Model Minority myth is often used to silence Asian Americans and create a "bamboo ceiling" for advancement in this country.  It also pits Asian Americans against Black, Hispanic/Latinx and other communities.

4. Eradicate Asian American stereotypes. Recognize that Asian Americans are "whole" persons that hold multiple truths and can be complex individuals with contradictions.

5. Being anti-racist includes acknowledging unique Asian-American experiences. Every group, every person experiences racism differently.

6. Include Asians and Asian Americans in your anti-racist training. Due to COVID-19, Asian Americans have seen a spike of racist hate crimes and xenophobia.

7. Be an Ally. We must fight anti-Asian racism without being anti-Black. As people of color, we need to stand together and also fight against anti-Black racism

8. Mentor, encourage and support Asian Americans in all environments. 

9. Have flexibility of thought and in action. 

10. Acknowledge Asian American historical and current contributions to better American life.

11. Listen to Asian Americans’ perspectives, and include as many demographics as possible and as needed within this category, including Asian Americans of mixed races.  

12. Make (or) Take seats at the tables in the board rooms, in federal, state, local offices.
13. Measure racism and racist attitudes towards Asian Americans over time. Use data to decrease Asian American hate and increase accountability for racist actions.

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