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A comprehensive, national assessment of attitudes and stereotypes towards Asian Americans. The index is one of the first such studies in the last 20 years.
Where we are today
Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial group in America; however, we are facing record levels of violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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There is an urgent need to understand and address the root causes of prejudice and racism against Asian Americans:
Why are members of our community, especially the most vulnerable, getting attacked, spat upon, insulted?
Why do other groups feel so much anger towards Asian Americans?
Why are Asian-Americans not more respected and accepted by US society?
Why are Asian Americans still so under-represented in positions of leadership?
What can we do to elevate and celebrate the status of Asian Americans in American society?
About the report
A comprehensive, national assessment of attitudes and stereotypes towards Asian Americans in the US – one of the few such studies in the last 20 years.
Survey will address long-term stereotypes (e.g. Model Minority and Perpetual Foreigner) as well as current events (e.g. COVID-19) to determine underlying causes for racism and under-representation for Asian Americans.
The Goals
Increase public awareness about AAPI stereotypes via our STAATUS Index report, microsite, and social media campaign.
Provide data that government and community leaders can utilize to advocate for AAPI equality.
Develop impactful new programs that can improve the status of AAPIs in American society.
The results of this report are based on a survey of 2,766 US residents, aged 18 and over, conducted online between March 29 to April 14, 2021.

Results are valid within +/-1.9% at the 95% confidence level. This margin of error increases with subgroup analyses.

The sample was weighted using population parameters from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey for adults 18 years of age or older. The weighted sample reflects the national population.
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