Top Asian American News Stories – May 2021
May 21, 2021
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This month’s news stories are focused on the results from the landmark STAATUS Index that we released last Monday. LAAUNCH co-founder Norman Chen and board member Eric Toda spoke with several reporters across the U.S. to discuss key findings from the survey and calls to action that the community can take. Their conversations highlight how surprising the findings are – and the long road ahead of us to educate Americans about Asian American history, our societal contributions, and overall awareness about the ongoing hate crimes. Among our findings, two dominated the headlines: the fact that about one in four white Americans don’t see anti-Asian racism as a problem and that more than 40% of U.S. adults can’t name a prominent, contemporary Asian American.

With the assistance of Edelman, our public relations and communications partner, we have seen our survey results in 81 pieces of coverage to date (26 unique and 55 syndicated articles), garnering nearly 1.2 billion impressions in top-tier national, regional, and AAPI media outlets, and across online, broadcast, podcast, radio, and social platforms. The STAATUS Index has been featured in the Boston Globe, AsAm News, NBC, NextShark, The May Lee Show, LinkedIn News, ABC, CBS, Fox, NPR, ADWEEK, MSNBC, SCMP, Psychology Today, The Washington Post, The Yappie, and other publications.

We invite you to read these stories, watch and listen to the interviews, visit us on our social media channels, respond with your thoughts, and share with your network.

The Boston Globe: Asked in a poll to name a prominent Asian American, the top answer was ‘don’t know.’ Wake up, America.

The STAATUS Index was on the front page of the May 11, 2021 edition of the Boston Globe and the #1 read story on its website. “Asian Americans remain largely invisible in U.S. society,” Norman Chen told Shirley Leung of The Boston Globe. Our STAATUS Index found that when asked to name a prominent Asian American, the top answer among American adults was “don’t know” (42%). Shirley’s response: “My fellow Americans, crawl out of your closet of ignorance.” Read more here.

The May Lee Show: LAAUNCH Study on Perceptions of AAPIs

The STAATUS Index reveals eye-opening data, including how age-old stereotypes of Asians are still front and center and how some believe anti-Asian racism isn’t a problem or, even worse, doesn’t exist. Norman Chen sat down with May Lee of The May Lee Show to discuss the STAATUS Index report and how it can help reshape misleading narratives and stereotypes. Listen Here or Watch Here.

Survey Finds Many Unaware Of Surge In Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

Betty Yu of CBS San Francisco talked to LAAUNCH board member Eric Toda to discuss the shocking data from the STAATUS Index, and how we plan to use the data to drive change. Eric stated, “The more that we understand the Asian American experience in America, the more we can have allies to support us.” Watch Here.

Survey: 42% of Americans can’t name a prominent Asian American

MSNBC highlighted the finding that 42% of Americans cannot name a prominent Asian American and shared commentary from a California woman on her personal experience as a fifth generation Asian American, the perpetual foreigner myth, and the need for different communities to come together to fight systemic racism. Watch Here.

NextShark: About 1 in 4 White People Don’t See Anti-Asian Racism as a Problem, Survey Finds

Carl Samson of NextShark shared our survey’s key findings, writing, “The poll reinforces the fact that some still fail to see Asian people as a marginalized group in American society.” Dominic Ng, chairman and CEO of East West Bank, said, “What’s important is that now we have data. That is crucial to create greater awareness, educate stakeholders, and inform policymaking moving forward.” Read more here.

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